Super Mario All-Stars Leak, PS5 manufacturing drops

TODAY: Doom 64 was supposed to be a launch title, but id didn’t like the level design — Sony struggling to produce enough PlayStation 5s thanks to low silicon yield — EA and ILM collaborate on Star Wars short film

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is emulated

Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Switch includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy – but are they really ports?

Leaked code suggests that Sunshine and Galaxy are emulated by Nintendo’s own GameCube and Wii emulator called “hagi”, while Super Mario 64 is running in a Nintendo 64 emulator.

Tricks and Treats: This is not an unusual way to get old games running on new hardware, but there is a twist: Dataminer OatmealDome says that “Galaxy in particular is really interesting. It appears they recompiled the original code to run natively on the Switch CPU, but everything else (GPU/Audio) is running in the emulator.”

Future Plans: That could mean more GameCube and Wii games are coming to Switch, since it’s pretty unlikely that Nintendo would bother to develop their own emulator just for a single release. Fingers crossed that we will see more classics on the Switch in the near future!

Which Doom port was supposed to feature full motion video cutscenes?

  1. The Sega Saturn Port
  2. The 3DO Port
  3. The Atari Jaguar Port
  4. The PlayStation Port

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Doom 64: The Bastard Child

Doom 64 is an unusual game: It’s the only Doom game that wasn’t developed by id Software and the only one developed as a console exclusive.

Midway’s San Diego studio developed it under id’s supervision, and it was originally supposed to be called Doom: The Absolution but in the end only the last level in the game ended up being called that.

It was intended to launch alongside Nintendo 64, but id wasn’t particularly happy with the level design so they spent three years tweaking the levels until it finally launched in April 1997. Doom 64 is a direct sequel to Doom and Doom 2, and the 2016 Doom reboot continues where it ends.

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PlayStation 5 suffering from low yield

Sony has been ramping up PlayStation 5 production, and was aiming to ship 15 million units by the start of the next financial year – but now they have adjusted their estimate to 11 million units.

The low output is attributed to low yield of their system-on-chip, with reports suggesting that yields could be as low as 50%. AMD produces the SoC, which is based on their Zen 2 architecture and features an RDNA 2 GPU.

Nipped Heels: This shortfall might make it harder for Sony to compete with Microsoft, who are confident they will be able to deliver two models of their next-generation Xbox console, with the Xbox Series S being very aggressively priced for a new console.

Still High: 11 million units is still twice as many as Sony was planning to ship before the COVID-19 pandemic led to record-high sales of game hardware and software, including spectacular growth in Sony’s PlayStation Plus service.

Fall Guys mid-season mayhem

Fall Guys is the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time, and the developers are now working hard to add content to the casual battle royale.

The mid-season patch adds new content as well as bugfixes and optimizations, and promises to be packed with surprises.

Keep Guessing: There are loads of new round variations, designed to keep players on their toes. More obstacles, rotations and tumbling fruits will randomly appear to keep the game unpredictable and punish you for playing.

Smoother Stumbles: Mediatonic also promises enhanced server stability and VFX improvements that make sure you really feel it when you fall, while also making it less likely that you clip through the ground at inopportune times.

Brave Browser rewards you for surfing

Maybe your internet connection is fast, but what about your browser? Ads chew away at your bandwidth, not to mention all the tracking cookies snooping on your online habits.

The Brave Browser is built from the ground up for speed, privacy and providing an ad-free Internet. Brendan Eich is behind the project, who founded Firefox and invented Javascript, and It’s completely free to use for Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile.

You can opt-in for ads that respect your privacy, and even earn rewards. It’s quick and easy to use, featuring the same comforts and conveniences you expect from a modern browser, including built-in support for Tor onion-routing, which offers true anonymity.

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  • Psyonix has revealed that Rocket League will be going free-to-play on 23rd September, along with a new event called Llama-Rama, which will be fully revealed next week.
  • Nintendo sets new sales record for August in the US, doubling last year’s August sales to become the best-selling console in August ever.
  • Limited Run Games opens preorders for physical edition of Doom 64 on September 25th. It will be available for Switch and PlayStation 4, feature a behind the scenes booklet plus other extras and will cost $54.99
  • AMD is showing off their new Radeon RX 6000 GPUs, which feature a new cooler design and can be admired on their Fortnite Creative Island
  • Watch the New Republic destroy the Imperial dockyard at Var-Shaa in CG short “Hunted”, made by EA in collaboration with Industrial Light & Magic to promote the Star Wars: Squadrons launch on October 2nd

Which Doom port was supposed to feature full motion video cutscenes?

Answer: The 3DO Port!

Doom is probably one of the most ported games of all time, but most of the console versions struggled to compare to the PC original.

Some of the ports, like the Super Nintendo one, were simply ill-advised, while others were simply baffling – like the 3DO port. It’s big sales point was … cutscenes!

Mock-ups were made, and apparently the cutscenes didn’t get much further. There was no script, and there was only a single developer on the project: Rebecca Ann Heineman, who had been given 10 weeks to make it happen.

Today’s issue of DailyBits was written by Gavin Herman, Erlend Grefsrud, Matthew Ralphson, Ken McKown and Jamie Davey.