#104: Switch Shall Stand, Wii U Shall Fall

TODAY: Cross your fingers if you want your Stadia on launch day — Mysterious gaps in the BlizzCon schedules heralds the Dark Lord’s return — Suda51 and Swery65 is teaming up for a horror game

Top Story

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime says Wii U was a “failure forward”

His tenure at Nintendo of America might be over, but Reggie Fils-Aime remains notable and he is keeping busy sharing experiences from his time at Nintendo and in the games industry.

He recently held a talk at Cornell University in New York, and while no transcript is available yet, some of the juiciest tidbits have found their way online. For example, he talked about decision-making at Nintendo in both America and Japan – and called the WiiU a failure, but noting that it was a “failure forward” since it was a stepping stone towards the Switch.

He also revealed that former CEO Satoru Iwata, who passed away in July 2015, was originally against bundling Wii Sports with the Wii in the US. While that sounds a bit short-sighted, Reggie notes that he thought of Iwata as a mentor and he learnt the value of ‘silence’ in business from him. Not that Reggie kept mum: he had good communication with his Japanese colleagues, and their relationship wasn’t just business as usual – they even took to calling him ‘Reggie-san’.

Reggie is at his alma mater as ‘Leader in Residence’

Reggie also talked about the recent furore over Activision Blizzard’s handling of pro-Hong Kong political messages in their competitions, and called the consumer response praiseworthy while saying the executives had screwed this one up. Oh, and he even had time to plead for a Western release of Mother 3, which launched for Game Boy Advance in Japan 13 years ago!

Time For A Quick Daily Quiz?

Who was NOT a Sith Lord in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2?

  • Darth Sion
  • Darth Caedus
  • Darth Traya
  • Darth Nihilus

The answer will be revealed at the end of this issue!

News Bits

Panzer Dragoon: Remake getting physical after popular demand

Sega has announced that Panzer Dragoon: Remake will see a physical retail release after all, according to their official Twitter account. The remakes were first shown at E3 this year, and the first one is due later this year, while the second is expected sometime next year.

The first game was released for Sega Saturn in 1995, with the sequel following a year later. Both were ported to PC in 1997, while the first one was slightly enhanced and re-released for PlayStation 2 in 2006 as part of Sega’s Sega Ages 2500 series, which was only available in Japan.

Google Stadia pre-orders arrive on ‘first come, first serve’ basis

Hah, bet you thought you’d be getting your pre-ordered Stadia console on launch day! Turns out there are quite a few pre-orders to fulfil, so Google is taking a first-come, first-serve approach: the consoles will “start arriving” on launch day, and Google is prioritizing “the first gamers who pre-ordered.”

While the Founder’s Edition is all sold out, you can still sign up for a Premiere Edition.

Daily Fact

Batman: Arkham Asylum was born from a failed movie tie-in

Rocksteady Games set the world on fire with Batman: Arkham Asylum, but things could have turned out very different: EA and Pandemic Studios were originally working on a tie-in for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. It was supposed to be an open-world action game, but never saw the light of day – costing EA around $100 million and leading to the shuttering of Pandemic.

Arkham Asylum had been in development since 2007, developed by a relatively small team: The project started production with 40 developers, growing to 60 by launch. Somewhat unexpectedly, the game turned into a massive success, proving that comic books could become great games and establishing Rocksteady as a AAA heavyweight. It probably helped that they didn’t have to compete directly with EA, too.

Daily News

Gaps in the BlizzCon schedule fuel new Diablo IV rumours

The leaks are spilling, the rumour mills are grinding and the hype trains are pulling away from the station! BlizzCon 2019 is expected to bring an avalanche of announcements – yet the official schedule is suspiciously empty.

Sure, there are World of WarCraft, Overwatch and Hearthstone events – but the Mythic Stage is nothing but tantalizing “Coming Soon!” notices. This has raised a number of eyebrows, and fans now expect something big and Diablo-related. Preferably a Diablo IV announcement.

Diablo IV All those blank spaces just after the opening ceremony can’t be accidental, and it’s not long since a German magazine carried an ad for an art book featuring artwork from Diablo IV. It’s tempting to assume this means hell’s maws will open once more, and unleash demonic hordes ripe for looting.

BlizzCon could also face protests this year

Let’s not forget World of WarCraft either: Battle for Azeroth is getting pretty long in the tooth now, so a new expansion is most likely coming soon – and then there’s the WarCraft III remaster. Blizzard has already revealed that they are working on more projects than ever before, but the studio is also notorious for killing their darlings and cancelling projects that aren’t working out, such as StarCraft: Ghost and Titan.

BlizzCon takes place from October 31st to November 2nd.

‘Hotel Barcelona’ from Suda and Swery

Goichi ‘Suda 51’ Suda and Hidetaka ‘Swery65’ Suehiro are teaming up to work on a horror project with the working title Hotel Barcelona. There aren’t a lot of details yet, to put it mildly, as the project is still in very early development: It might not even take place in Barcelona.

The unwholesome twosome have been looking for an opportunity to work together ever since their PlayStation VR collaboration was cancelled, and have decided to try again with a new horror title.

They’re still bouncing ideas back and forth, including hotel guests stalked by a killer … or maybe a ghost? Suda said he’d like to force the player to play as an evil character during the game, while Suehiro is less of a gorehound than his partner in crime.

Swery created horror cult classic Deadly Premonition

The duo mentioned Devolver Digital as a publishing partner, but the official Devolver Twitter account seems slightly taken aback by the revelation. They also apparently texted Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of Silent Hill and Forbidden Siren, to ask him to join the project.

Whatever’s going on, it’s probably going to be interesting!

News Bits

The Outer Worlds review round-up

Obsidian Entertainment’s sci-fi RPG romp The Outer Worlds arrives on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week, and will appear on Switch later. What do the critics think?

  • PlayStation Universe (Score 10/10) – ”With a startlingly original new world to play in – combined with a warm feeling of familiarity – Obsidian has managed to deliver the one of the best first-person RPG’s. This is the game that fans of this genre have been craving, and it is a pure joy to watch Obsidian plop the role-playing crown back squarely down on its head.”
  • EGM (Score 5/5) – ”The Outer Worlds is an impressive spiritual successor to Obsidian’s work on Fallout: New Vegas, mixing familiar design elements and the same zany attitude with an imaginative new universe and even deeper role-playing. While you can breeze through the main questline a bit quicker than in similar games, this is the sort of RPG experience you’ll want to play through multiple times, with multiple builds, to see all the systems and narrative paths on offer.”
  • DualShockers (Score 9.5/10) – ”With the best writing of any game thus far in 2019, any fan of RPGs needs to play The Outer Worlds.”
  • Game Informer (Score 9.25/10) – ”Even if the larger beats don’t always land, The Outer Worlds shines with a constant stream of small, bright moments. An amusing interaction with a clueless guard. A sugary corporate jingle. A brutal sneak attack. A solution to a problem you are sure won’t work, but it does. The team at Obsidian excels at encouraging creative experimentation within its responsive and absurd setting, ensuring that every visit to Halcyon is full of delightful surprises.”
  • Gamespot (Score 9/10) – ”The Outer Worlds is consistently compelling throughout, and it’s a superb example of how to promote traditional RPG sensibilities in a sharp, modern experience.”
  • Destructoid (Score 9/10) – ”Obsidian has out-Fallouted recent Fallout efforts.”
  • TheSixthAxis (Score 8/10) – ”The Outer Worlds is the game that fans have wanted Obsidian Entertainment to make for the better part of a decade. The story is the main attraction here, with Obsidian’s witty writing coming to the fore in an interesting and funny interstellar setting. If that’s what you look for in your RPGs, The Outer Worlds will not disappoint.”
  • GamesRadar+ (Score 4/5) – ”The Outer Worlds marks Obsidian operating at the top of its game, and a strong foundation for a new franchise that seems destined for greatness.”

Bethesda posts the official announcement trailer for DOOM 64

Doom 64 is being re-released for the first time in 22 years. Originally released for Nintendo 64 in 1997, it is appearing alongside Doom Eternal on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch on March 20th.

Quiz Answer - Did You Get It Right?

Who was NOT a Sith Lord in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2?

Answer: Darth Caedus!

The Outer Worlds is out this week, so we’ve had another lok at Obsidian’s first space-based RPG, the oft-overlooked Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords. The game featured no less than 3 Sith lords, all of whom needed their butts kicked over the course of the game – including one of your own crew members!

The Sith Lords has a bit of a bad reputation since it was rushed for a Christmas release and was released in a pretty broken state – including most of the ending missing. Fan patches have restored the missing parts, so nowadays you can actually enjoy the game as it was originally intended.

Oh, and we didn’t make up Darth Caedus. It’s the name Han and Leia’s son took after embracing the dark side. Yup, it’s Kylo Ren’s name in the the Expanded Universe canon!

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Europa Universalis: The Price of Power brings Paradox Interactive’s award-winning Europea Universalis series back to the table top.

The Kickstarter campaign launched today – and has already reached its goal of raising £21,266 – so we’ve teamed up with Aegir Games to celebrate both their successful campaign and the 100th issue of DailyBits.

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