Switcher Improved, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Ends…

TODAY: Final Fantasy VII wasn’t originally intended to be a tale about emo eco-terrorists — Paradox Interactive posted record earnings in 2019 — Saber Interactive adds PC-style graphics options to The Switcher 3

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Ending

No more Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The developers of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT & Arcade have decided to stop updating the game. The arcade version found some success in Japan, but the console version didn’t fare as well.

The game doesn’t have much single-player content and the net code isn’t exactly perfect, crippling the game’s potential. The console version went free-to-play in November, but clearly didn’t get enough new users to save the game.

The final character added to the game was Final Fantasy XV villain Ardyn Izunia, and the servers will stay online – for now.

Game Director Takeo Kujiraoka said: “We don’t want to make false anticipations, so we want to make it clear that right now there are no plans for a [Dissidia Final Fantasy] 2 at all.”

The final update to Dissidia Final Fantasy will hit arcades on February 20th, and arrive for console on March 5th.

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What is Aeris’ final Limit Break called?

  • Planet Protector
  • Great Gospel
  • Breath of the Earth
  • Pulse of Life

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Daily Fact

Final Fantasy VII started out as a noir

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most influential games of all-time, not least on Square’s own productions – but it had a long journey to get there. The game was originally intended to be a detective story starring a character named Joe.

However, the concept survived and the near-future New York noir plot ended up in Parasite Eve. Other discarded script ideas were used in Xenogears. Not only did Final Fantasy VII revolutionize gaming in 1997: It ended up inspiring two more all-time classics.

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Financial Report

Paradox Interactive had a great 2019

Paradox Interactive, famous for strategy and building games like Stellaris and Cities: Skylines, has published their annual financial report detailing the publisher’s performance in 2019. The future is looking bright for the Swedish company, who increased their revenues by 14% year-on-year.

Paradox counted four million unique monthly players by the end of 2019, an increase of 30% over 2018. The annual Paradox convention PDXCON saw a record number of visitors – over 2000, from over 40 different countries – and over 200,000 live stream viewers.

  • Fourth quarter revenues are mostly thanks to Battletech, Cities: Skylines, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris.
  • Total revenue for 2019 amounted to SEK 1,127.7 million
  • Empire of Sin has been delayed to autumn 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch

What to expect in 2020: “Ahead of us is an important year which will see the launches of Crusader Kings III, Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, Empire of Sin, and the full launch of Surviving the Aftermath. I, and the entire company, really look forward to 2020, with the biggest and most ambitious games in our history to date!” said CEO Ebba Ljungerud.

Switcher Boost

Massive update for The Switcher 3

The Switch version of The Witcher 3 defied all expectations when it launched last October, and is probably the most advanced handheld game ever – and the wizards behind the port are not done yet: They just released an update that introduces cloud save integration with Steam and GoG as well as a host of graphics settings.

Initial reports about the update were based on a photo published by a Korean Twitter account, so there was some doubts about whether it was real or not – but now the update is available in all regions. Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI have already introduced cross-platform cloud save sync, so the feature is not unprecedented.

Here are the new graphics settings:

  • Bloom
  • Sharpen
  • Depth of Field
  • Depth of Field for Cut-Scenes
  • Foliage Visibility Range
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Water Quality
  • Anti-Aliasing.

All of the new graphics settings are off by default to ensure players have the highest frame rate possible, but this means you can get the game looking as sharp as you want. Saber Interactive has enabled PC-like graphics settings, and we hope more developers do this in the future!

What Else Happened Today?

Pokemon Home receives an update that filters trades involving Mythical Pokemon, New Coral-coloured Nintendo Switch Lite revealed…

  • The latest update (1.06) to Pokemon Home on iOS and Android has fixed a number of bugs including login issues and crashing issues. The biggest fix to Pokemon Home users is a brand new filter to GTS (Global Trade System) that stop requests for Mythical Pokemon. At this moment in time, Mythical Pokemon cannot be traded. Prior to this update, these requests would clog up the user’s trades list but now the filter stops this from happening.
  • Nintendo has added a new colour to the Nintendo Switch Lite lineup – Coral. Though Nintendo is calling this colour coral, it looks a lot more like pink to us. This colour has been confirmed for a worldwide release and should be readily available on 4th March.
  • A leaked photo of the Korean Final Fantasy VII Remake box art has revealed the game will come with two discs, taking up a grand total of 100GB on a PlayStation 4 hard drive. Let this be a warning message to all of you out there with 500GB hard drives, you will absolutely need to clear some space before you pick up this game on April 10th.
  • VGC sources say Call of Duty Warzone, the upcoming battle royale mode, is still a few weeks away and will most likely launch on March 10th. VGC’s source claims North American content creators are visiting the studio this week to try out the new mode. The latest update to Modern Warfare added an option to the main menu that cannot be used right now, leading to speculation that Warzone could be launching within a matter of days.

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Quiz Answer - Did You Get It Right?

What is Aeris’ final Limit Break called?

Answer: Great Gospel!

Unless you played Final Fantasy VII with a guide, you probably didn’t unlock Aeris’ final Limit Break, which you earn by completing a somewhat obtuse quest.

First, you need to find a sleeping man in a cave north of Junon. He will mumble some battle stats, and if the last two numbers he mutters are zeroes or odd numbers, he will give you a mythril key item.

If you take the mythril to the weaponsmith near Gongaga, he lets you open a chest in his home where you find Great Gospel. If you have unlocked all of Aeris’ other limit breaks, you can use Great Gospel to unlock the last one.

Great Gospel heals you party and grants temporary immunity to damage. However, you don’t get to enjoy it for long because … oh, let’s not spoil the fun so soon before the remake is released!