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Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your e-zine, it's straight to the point, doesn't drag on and the headings tell you exactly what to expect. I'm loving it so far, please keep up the great work!!
I'm so enjoying reading your newsletter. Previously, my brother in law would always be my source of having info. Now, I can actually be the one to tell him things! It's a fun change of pace 🙂
Hi, I recently signed up for your newsletter after hearing about a quest giveaway, but recently, I realized how informative and great your content actually was. I am now informed more than ever on upcoming games, systems, and news that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I just wanted to thank you for this and congratulate you on the amazing work you are doing. Keep it up!
Yo, at first I was sceptical of this servicey/newsletter thing and thought it won't be great. But after reading the first one I found it to be really useful and awesome with how it presents information. Overall I can't wait for future updates I get, keep up the good work :smile:.
The news i'm seeing is interesting and i like how simple it is. I'm looking forward to getting more info about new things in the future.
Just a random thank you for your newsletter. It is always a bright moment when I sort through my email! Thanks for the hard work.
This edition was pretty entertaining because it covered, Popeye, and brought it into a modern context. That was important to me because of of the sentimentality of the character from my early life as a child. I also liked the insight from the creator of Gran Turismo.
I love your newsletter, keep it up. Thank you so much
I just wanted to say thank you so much for this opportunity to win the Oculus Quest. I never knew about your site until I stumbled upon an ad on Instagram and now I’m hooked. Whether I win the Quest or not, I will be super happy that I found your site by coincidence. Have a great day
This newsletter is truly awesome. I’m 33 years old, a gamer for life, this newsletter has exactly the right mixture of mainstream, and hipper “in the know” info about upcoming stuff. The bit about Black Mesa / Xen made my day - I own Black Mesa and have been eagerly awaiting finishing it for years!
Hey like what I’m seeing here keep it up thanks!
Afternoon! I am enjoying them little bits of knowledge in the gaming industry, just stepping back into it after being away for 4 and half years on the road so I couldn’t commit to gaming.. but now that I’m back home and once the doller permits me I will be dabbling back into gaming wooop keep the articles rolling
I find myself enjoying every email, even the ones about franchises I've never heard of. (whoops!) The little facts and history notes about games I've never played really encourages me to check those games out sometime, and the ones about games I have played makes me happy. Keep up the good work! 🙂
I really love this small little newsletter, and it’s the peak of my day when i recieve it. I have moved you guys to my VIP folder so I alqays know where to look. Keep up the good work!
Just wanted to say I'm really happy with how much focus you give to lesser-known titles and developers. I'd say that's the top reason I read DailyBits.
First of all, thanks so much for putting together your (almost)daily email. I look forward to it popping up in my inbox every day, it’s concise but contains good quality info. The only thing I could possibly want more of, is being made aware more often of the great digital deals there are out there, I picked up Gears 4 from your info.
I only discovered your newsletter a few days ago and I just love it. I've always hated newsletters, and always loved gaming, and your service enables me to keep up with the news from the industry on the daily, which is great.
I gotta say, the idea of this ezine was fantastic and I'm genuinely excited to start receiving issues and reading through and whatnot. Thanks for the work y'all!
Really enjoy these, look forward to them everyday, not too overbearing like a magazine and filled with loads of information.
The issue covered all of my favorite systems, and shared new info leaks, like Halo 5. This issue was a well designed to tickle my fancy.
Love it. I initially admittedly thought it was spam as I signed up for a raffle. But then I actually started reading the content. And to get this sort of news curated, is so nice. Its so hard to find quality gaming news. Thank you!!
Been loving reading DailyBits for the past few weeks, and now a giveaway? Keep up the great work!
Excellent effort, guys - this newsletter is great and doesn't force me to needlessly click to find the full story. Nice work.
I recently joined your ezine, and I already think that this newsletter is AMAZING! Thank you!
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I initially found you guys on Instagram because I saw your promotion giving away a free VR, and I never really thought about reading into the emails. But for the last few days I have started reading them, and all I can say is "WOW"!!!! I can't even imagine how much work you guys put into making these, and I just wanted to say thank you!
"A fan"
Hi thank you for making such an awesome page I have subscribed as been sent here from a Friend I'm looking forward to receiving emails for all news thanks
This newsletter was very interesting, informative, and just really fun to read! It could use like quizzes specific to each article instead of just one, but other than that it’s a very good way to pass the time and I give team Dailybits 1000000/10! (or 10/100000, since it’s summer I forgot how to math) Anyway, I give a VERY positive score on these articles! Mr.Iwata would be proud!