Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape, Kojima Teasing Death Stranding 2?

TODAY: Get ready to learn what it’s like to be Tony Stark in Iron Man VR — Hideo Kojima has started ever so subtly teasing his next project — Valve is getting ready to roll out a new anti-cheat system for Counter-Strike

Top Story

Ubisoft battle royale Hyper Scape enters closed beta next week

Esports consultant Rod Breslau claims Ubisoft is about to reveal a battle royale first-person shooter from Ubisoft Montreal.

Codenamed Prisma Dimensions, the game is apparently called Hyper Scape, and is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter set in a futuristic virtual world. Ubisoft Montreal is best known for developing the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Assassin’s Creed series.

Beta launch: The closed beta is starting next week and the game is expected to launch on July 12th. Hyper Scape will support cross-platform play.

No word yet: Ubisoft has yet to say anything about the new game, but if they are planning to run a closed beta next week and launch in two weeks, there is probably a considerable marketing push right around the corner.

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Which Super Nintendo game did not receive Nintendo’s seal of approval?

  • Super 3D Noah’s Ark
  • Lester the Unlikely
  • Mortal Kombat II
  • Captain Novolin

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Daily Fact

Mercenaries was not welcome in Korea

Pandemic’s 2005 action romp Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction was set in a near-future North Korea where the Kim dynasty regime has collapsed and the country is facing violent upheaval.

You are a mercenary playing all sides, accepting missions from China, South Korea, the Allied Nations and even the Russian mafia. The South Korean government was not thrilled about the subject matter, so Mercenaries was banned just like most media portrayals of conflict between the two Koreas.

Understandable, since North Korea is sensitive about foreign propaganda, and has a lot of artillery pointed at Seoul. Fortunately, the game seems to have flown under the North Korean leadership’s radar, so the ban was lifted in 2007.

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This Week In Gaming

Become Iron Man or the little town hero

Iron Man VR is finally out on Friday, accompanied by loads of tasty Japanese snacks including both Blaster Master Zero games and Game Freak’s Little Town Hero.

Monday – June 29

  • Blaster Master Zero launches for PlayStation 4
  • Blaster Master Zero 2 launches for PlayStation 4

Tuesday – June 30th

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III launches for Switch
  • Little Town Hero launches for PC

Wednesday – July 01st

  • TrackMania launches for PC

Friday – July 03rd

  • Iron Man VR launches for PlayStation 4

Death Stranding Sequel?

Kojima’s next project is in early stages

Kojima Productions’ hit Death Stranding is just about to launch on PC, and Hideo Kojima has just started teasing his next big project.

A series of tweets and Instagram posts features Death Stranding references including a poster and mentions of Bridges, an organization central to the story in the sci-fi deliver’em-up.

Design approach: Another post featured a BB doll, while Kojima talked about the team’s approach to the next game: “1st we discuss the setting for each character, the background, the world, the color, the characteristics, the roles, the images, ideas and keyword going back&forth via E-mail,” he tweeted.

On PC this July: Death Stranding launched for PlayStation 4 on November last year, and the PC version will finally be out on July 14th. It stars actor Norman Reedus and features Hollywood stars like Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Guillermo Del Toro. Kojima, Reedus and Del Toro originally got together to work on Silent Hill, which was cancelled when Kojima left Konami.

What Else Happened Today?

Esports Bits

New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive anti-cheat system enters beta testing

The latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta features a new anti-cheat system that detects if players are running specific programs or have altered game files, and a main menu prompt displays which files or applications are in violation.

You can activate the beta on Steam, but if you disable the Trusted Launch anti-cheat features afterwards, your trust rating will be temporarily lowered and you will be more likely to play with suspected cheaters. The new system is not as intrusive as Valorant’s anti-cheat system, which many players considered too severe.

100 Thieves reveals Valorant roster

100 Thieves has revealed four new team mates: Diondre “YeBoiDre” Bond, Keane “Valliate” Alonso, Alfred “Pride” Choi and Zachary “Venerated” Roach. All four were acquired from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team Highground, and Bond used to be part of the Tempo Storm team that dominated the North American scene in 2019.

Not all 100 Thieves fans are convinced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players are a natural fit for Valorant. Spencer “Hiko” Martin is team leader, so many expected that the other recruits would also be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. 100 Thieves’ first competitive Valorant match will be this Friday at the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown.

Community patch adds rollback netcode to Super Smash Bros Mele

Open-source patch Project Slippi has added rollback netcode to the PC version of Super Smash Bros Melee as well as integrated matchmaking, replay support and automatic updates. The Super Smash Bros Melee community is thrilled, considers the project vitally important to the future of the game.

Upcoming Project Slippi features includes ranked play, spectator mode and stage select. Fizzi has created a simple guide on how to use Slippi with Super Smash Bros Melee, and you can support future development by contributing to Fizzi’s Patreon.

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Quiz Answer - Did You Get It Right?

Which Super Nintendo game did not receive Nintendo’s seal of approval?

Answer: Super 3D Noah’s Ark!

There aren’t a lot of Super Nintendo games as outright weird as Super 3D Noah’s Ark.

Not only is it a first-person shooter interpretation of a bible story, it’s a weird parasite cartridge that feeds off the digital signature from a licensed Super Nintendo game. Remember the oddball Sonic & Knuckles double-decker cart? Like that, but more biblical.

The game itself isn’t particularly impressive – it’s basically a Wolfenstein 3D clone – but it’s kind of amazing that it managed to work around Nintendo’s digital signature scheme. If that tempts you to check it out, you can actually buy it on Steam and enjoy it without subjecting any of your real Super Nintendo games to the indignity of driving it.

Today’s issue of DailyBits was written by Gavin Herman, Erlend Grefsrud, Christian Vaz, Simon Priest, and Jamie Davey.