#77: US holds 30% of PlayStation 4 Market

TODAY: Borderlands 3 has nearly as many players as it has bugs — Shigeru Miyamoto knows what he wants, but he wants you to figure it out for yourself — Pokémon Go just got its Pokédex updated with some old favorites

Top Story

US PlayStation 4 sales reach 30 million, 30 percent of total market

The United States is a nice, big juicy market for PlayStation 4, with a sell-through of over 30 million units – and yes, that’s 30 million consoles in the hands of customers.

Not long ago, Sony reported that they had shipped over 100 million PlayStation 4 consoles globally, meaning the US market constitutes at at least 30% of their overall market. Other top markets include Japan with 8.3 million, Germany with 7.2 million, and the UK at 6.8 million sales according to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Why does that matter, though? Well, since the West is by far the biggest market for the Japanese console, we can expect to see a lot more Japanese games get localized for our pleasure.

The finest imports from the distant orient

For instance, the Yakuza games had long been a rare, imported delicacy until Sega finally realized that there was a huge Western appetite over-the-top crime opera – and now it’s bringing all its Yakuza titles to the West in the Yakuza Remastered Collection.

It’ll take a good while for the upcoming PlayStation 5 to reach a similarly hefty user base, so the PlayStation 4 is probably going to reign supreme for quite a few years yet – quite a comeback for Sony, who struggled mightily to catch up with Xbox 360 sales figures last generation!

Time For A Quick Daily Quiz?

What is Mega Man known as in Japan?

  • Jumpman
  • Rockman
  • Beck
  • Zero

The answer will be revealed at the end of this issue!

News Bits

Nioh 2 open beta on November 1st

Sony has announced an open beta for Nioh 2 between November 1st and 10th. The first game also had public alpha and beta tests, helping the developer tweak and balance the game ahead of launch. Team Ninja is currently busy polishing it up for an early 2020 release, as revealed at Tokyo Game Show, and it appears that Nioh 2 will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but it’s not entirely clear. In any case, Team Ninja promises a ‘masocore’ experience featuring a new, ‘half-breed’ protagonist possessing demonic powers.

Gearbox claims Borderlands 3 has ‘around 248k’ concurrent PC users

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, claims that Borderlands 3 has had about twice the peak concurrent players that Borderlands 2 had at launch. While he doesn’t actually reveal any hard data, Borderlands 2 peaked at 124,000 concurrent players which suggests that Borderlands 3 might have reached 248,000. Meanwhile, disgruntled players report that Borderlands 3 bug count has also peaked.

Daily Fact

Super Mario Galaxy inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto’s vague feedback

How exactly did Nintendo come up with Super Mario Galaxy? According to game director Yoshiaki Koizumi, it’s all thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto’s often vague and abstract feedback.

He apparently made a remark about ‘spherical worlds’ and creating something out of them, prompting the developers to start experimenting – and continuously prodded by Miyamoto’s insistence that they should “make something out of this whole spherical worlds concept”.

According to Koizumi, that’s just how Miyamoto’s feedback is: vague and abstract on purpose, to avoid stifling the team’s own creative thinking and problem-solving – or possibly because he “may not know himself what he’s trying to say.” True genius!

Koizumi’s already busy adopting the same zen-master leadership style.

Game Spotlight

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is another 3D arcade beat-em-up, but that’s okay

(Team Ninja/Nintendo – Switch)

It’s been ten years since Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 came out, and Marvel fans had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing another in the series – so it was a shock when Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order was announced, and more so that it was going to be a Nintendo-published Switch exclusive!

Well, that’s the reality we’re living in now, and Dead or Alive developer Team Ninja are behind it. While MUA3 is very faithful to the Ultimate Alliance series – in that they’re all essentially 3D versions of side-scrolling beat-em-ups like Streets of Rage or X-Men: Arcade – it tweaks enough, and is so much fun in co-op particularly, that this comic-book fan is happy to keep diving in.

I can do this all day

If you’ve never played a Marvel Ultimate Alliance game, four Marvel heroes (and some villains) make their way through various stages beating up bad guys, solving puzzles, upgrading their skills, and eventually taking on major villains of the Marvel universe – such as Doc Ock, Magneto, and ultimately Thanos. It seems simplistic – and honestly, it is a bit, but it never stops being fun despite that.

Most importantly, how you have that fun and separate those four heroes is up to you. You can go single-player and swap between characters as often as you like, or up to four players can control single characters throughout the levels in co-op. While co-op is definitely the best way to play – just like in any game with the option – single-player works just fine too, as long as you don’t mind just smashing soldiers, ninjas, robots, and aliens. A lot. I didn’t, but you do have to play in moderation a little…

I am inevitable

The main appeal of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 isn’t in the fun but straightforward gameplay or the co-op. Let’s be honest, it’s all about playing a bunch of Marvel heroes. There’s a good range on offer, even right at the start of the game – where you can mix between the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain Marvel and a few others, and you’ll quickly build up quite a roster. It adds so much to the game having these iconic Marvel characters, and it personally really pains me that DC Comics doesn’t have a similar game that’s not LEGO.

Considering it’s essentially a beat-em-up, there’s a lot to do in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The campaign is sizeable already, with the story of the search for the Infinity Gems being the focus, and it’ll be hours before you even lay eyes on one of the titular Black Order of Thanos. On top of that there are also Rift challenges, where you can earn upgrades, new characters, and new outfits (yay). And that’s even before you play it again in co-op!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a lot of fun, so if you’re a Switch-owning Marvel fan – especially one with friends – you really need to pick it up.

Daily News

Pokémon GO expanding the Pokédex with Unova region Pokémon update

Niantic is expanding the Pokémon Go Pokédex with some familiar faces from 2011’s Pokémon Black & White, all hailing from the Unova region modelled after New York City.

Pokémon Go started out with the Pokédex from the Kento region, before introducing Pokémon from the Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions as well. The expanded Pokédex goes live today, meaning you should have a nice long walk and see if you can catch yourself a Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Patrat, Lilliput, Purrloin, Pidove or Blitzle!

Shiny, shiny, shiny Pokémon at the rainbow’s end

You’ll be able to hatch them from eggs too: Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin and Pidove hatch from 2km eggs; Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Blitzle, Drilbur and Foongus hatch from 5km eggs; while Ferroseed, Klink, Litwick, Golett and Deino hatch from 10km eggs. As the names suggest, the eggs are earned by traveling certain distances.

Some of the new additions are unfortunately region-locked: Asia-Pacific gets Pansage; Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and India gets Pansear, the Americas and Greenland get Panpour, and the Eastern and Western hemispheres get Heatmor and Durant, respectively. A new Unova Stone item has also been added, allowing certain Pokémon to evolve.

All new herbivore dino pack for Jurassic World Evolution

Frontier Developments is expanding its roster of monsters too, and park managers are about to get three new herbivores to research, incubate and commercialise.

The dino pack offers more than just plant-eating dinos too: all the islands will be added to the game’s sandbox mode as you complete them in the career mode.

The Herbivore Dinosaur Pack contains:

  • The Dryosaurus is a forest dweller who relies on speed and dexterity for survival, using its stiff tail as ballast to swiftly change direction while running.
  • The Homalocephale gets its name from the smooth, even shape of her head. It sports a flat, wedge-shaped skull used as a tool for head-butting.
  • The Nigersaurus is one of the smallest Sauropods discovered. It measures 9 meters long and despite its long neck, the Nigersaurus is a grazer, feeding from plants close to the ground and near riverbeds.

Jurassic World Evolution: Herbivore Dinosaur Pack is out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and costs £3.99 / $4.99.

News Bits

‘Classic Mode’ for Final Fantasy VII Remake revealed

Square Enix has revealed a classic mode for Final Fantasy VII Remake that preserves the turn-based combat system from the original game: “In standard modes, the ATB Gauge fills up by repeatedly attacking your enemy, but in Classic Mode this aspect of gameplay is handled automatically.”

The exceptionally, monumentally hyped Final Fantasy VII Remake is out on PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020.

Next Mega Man is in development

Fans of the Blue Bomber rejoice! There’s more Mega Man in the works – but producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya isn’t saying anything about what it might be, and there’s no guarantee it will be Mega Man 12.

Tsuchiya also remarked that there’s “no such thing as a spin-off in the Mega Man series,” since all the different story lines constitute a main series of their own. Since every Mega Man series is someone’s ‘main series’, Capcom won’t be limiting themselves to any one true Mega Man.

Quiz Answer - Did You Get It Right?

What is Mega Man known as in Japan?

Answer: Rockman!

A huge number of names and titles change when making their way from Japan to Western shores – for example, Resident Evil is named Biohazard in Japan and Mega Man is actually Rockman back home! The character is called Rock in some of the translated games too.

What about the other names on the list? Well, Jumpman is actually the original name of Mario. Zero is the hero of the Mega Man Zero series, and Beck is the hero of the Mega Man-inspired Mighty No. 9 – which was supposed to be a spiritual successor to Mega Man, but didn’t quite pan out.

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