Valve fixes Steam Deck drift issues

Today: Modders are all over Elden Ring, and that means you can finally pause the game — Gran Turismo 7 has finally crossed the finish line — Turn your NES into a synthesizer with SynthNES

Steam Deck update fixes analogue drift

Steam Deck suffering ‘stick drift’

Valve has issued a firmware update for Steam Deck that attempts to deal with analogue drift, a problem that has plagued particularly Nintendo's JoyCon controllers.

A video demonstrating the issue has circulated on Reddit, showing how the Steam Deck registers input on an analogue stick without any user interaction.

  • Steam Deck launched on February 25th
  • Gabe Newell hand-delivered select pre-orders
  • Deadzone handling “regression” to blame for drift issue

Firmware fix: “You’ve helped us identify a deadzone calibration issue introduced in our recent firmware update. We have just shipped a fix to address the problem,” said Valve.

Snapback: Another video shows that the deadzone calibration appears to fix the drift issue, with the calibration indication properly snapping back to the resting position instead of lurking at the edges of the deadzone.

Finish the phrase: Super Fighting Robot, _____

a) Curly Brace!
b) Bastion!
c) Master Blaster!
d) Mega Man!

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

First batch of useful Elden Ring mods

‘Pause the game’ mod for Elden Ring

Elden Ring is finally in in your hands, but what if you need to take a break? Wouldn't it be nice to pause? Modders are already hard at work enhancing the PC version with all kinds of tweaks and changes.

  • Pause the game by TechieW
    A mod that adds a truly revolutionary feature: Pausing the game
  • Elden ReShade – HDR FX by Vanguard1776
    Adds performance-friendly yet high-precision HDR lighting effects
  • Simple Vibrant ReShade for Elden Ring by DarknessRadio
    Various replacement shaders making the visuals more saturated and vibrant
  • Backup Manager by ScratAUS
    Not exactly a mod, but a helpful tool that lets you manage external backup of save game files

Gran Turismo 7 review round-up

There's so much choice, which car would you race with?

Polyphony Digital has finally put rubber on the road with Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and the critics are cheering wildly on the sidelines. The Metacritic average sits at 88 so far.

  • PlayStation LifeStyle (Score 5/5) – ”…hits that mark dead on with the sights, the sounds, the physics, and the animations of real-world driving and real-world racing.”
  • TheGamer (Score 10/10) – ”…racing is thrilling, the cars are a joy to drive, the tracks are magnificent, and the career is well structured.”
  • VG247 (Score 5/5) – ”…this is a must-have for hardcore racing fans and the kind of game that is so good it might actually transform a few casual players…
  • IGN (Score 9/10) – ”…gorgeous graphics, a fantastic driving feel, and racing options galore, it’s the best the series has been…”
  • CGMagazine (Score 9/10) – ”…the definitive driving experience of this generation, but may be a lot to take in for the casual player.”
  • GamesRadar+ (Score 4.5/10) – ”Everything that made GT Sport so good, plus everything that made early Gran Turismo games so good…”
  • TheSixthAxis (Score 9/10) – ”…Broad and accessible, but with depth, nuance and competitive racing for those keen to find it.”

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Finish the phrase: Super Fighting Robot, _____

Mega Man as he looked in the 1994 cartoon

ANSWER: Mega Man!

80s and 90s cartoons were often pretty silly, particularly the ones based on videogames. Need proof? Just watch the Mega Man cartoons and pay attention to the theme song. One of the great poetic achievements of our time, it goes “Super fighting robot, Mega Man” and “Fighting to save the world”. And that's it. That's the song.

Less is more as they say, and the stark simplicity of the theme tune belies its essential catchiness. No need to thank us for the earworm, it was our pleasure. Now relish in this episode where Mega Man saves a statue of Abraham Lincoln. You're welcome!

Gran Turismo 7 reviews are looking very positive, Chocobo GP and Triangle Strategy are coming up next…

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