Valve’s Leaked handheld Steam device similar to Switch

Today: June’s PlayStation Plus games mark the return of a fighting classic – Valve working on a handheld Switch type device for Steam – Team Ninja could reveal a Final Fantasy Action RPG at E3 2021

Steam beta hints at possible console plan

Steam Link lets you stream PC titles to devices

The latest Steam beta includes a reference to something called SteamPal, sparking speculation that Valve might be working on some kind of console.

Dataminers also found a quick access menu, a power menu and text strings referencing low battery notifications, Bluetooth, airplane mode as well as restart, shutdown and suspend options.

Steam in your hand: A handheld device seems the most likely candidate, one that's similar to the Switch. Many different handheld PCs running Windows and sporting Intel and AMD CPUs have appeared on the market, coupling relatively good performance with reasonable price points and support for industry standard graphics APIs.

Expect the unexpected: During an interview in New Zealand, Gabe Newell was asked whether Steam would come to console and he replied “it won't be the answer you would expect”. Perhaps the console will come to Steam instead?

Who directed the Wing Commander movie adaptation?

a) Chris Roberts
b) Paul W. S. Anderson
c) Uwe Boll
d) Lawrence Kasanoff

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Jesus saves – at a price

DMA Design’s Grand Theft Auto 2’s near-future dystopia featured churches that acted as safehouses where you could save the game.

Your immortal soul saved for mighty dollars

Churches often sported a Jesus Saves neon sign that would flicker to show you had saved. But not for free! You had to leave $50,000 on the collection plate to deserve the Lord's grace.

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New Final Fantasy spin-off to unveil at E3

Final Fantasy originally launched December 1987

Rumours say Square Enix is making a new Final Fantasy action RPG that will be set in the same world as the very first game in the series, released all the way back in 1987.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the project is supposed to be a collaboration with Team Ninja, the Koei Tecmo studio responsible for Ninja Gaiden and Nioh.

Back to basics: The game is apparently called Final Fantasy Origins, and will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 before eventually appearing on PC.

Summer star: The game is expected to be a headliner when Square Enix shows its wares at E3 next month, and a very early demo is supposed to be ready to show this summer.

Nintendo 64 Zelda prototype had portals

Travelling by portal would have saved some time

One of the earliest game prototypes for Nintendo 64 was a Zelda game featuring portals that connected different parts of the map together, which was never shown to the public.

The existence of the prototype was revealed by Giles Goddard of Chuhai Labs during an interview with MinxxMaxShow. The portals would show your destination when you looked through them.

Quick travel: It was not really a game, but more of a tech demo to show what the Nintendo 64 could accomplish. Even so, there were still distinctly game-like elements like crystals that you could pick up, move and twist to access the portals.

Late in production: The feature never made it into Ocarina of Time because the game was already far into development, and such a feature would require considerable changes. Oh, and there's also the possiblity that the development team simply never saw the prototype.

Humble Store Offers Hack and Slash Deals and More

Devil May Cry 5!

Humble has two new sales today! The first is the Hack and Slash Sale featuring the excellent spectacle brawler Devil May Cry 5, which offers hectic action with a killer soundtrack and an engaging story.

If you're in the mood for some slow brain food instead, the Slitherine Sale features dozens of great strategy games including Field of Glory, Distant Worlds and Panzer Corps. Don't forget that you can get another 20% off by signing up for Humble Choice!

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  • Surviving the Aftermath $18.74/£16.49 @ Humble
  • Paradox Sale @ Humble

Who directed the Wing Commander movie adaptation? 

Here's Chris Roberts cameo-ing in his own dang movie

ANSWER: Chris Roberts!

There have been quite a few movies based on videogames, and many of them suggest that the director never took the time to play the game. Chris Roberts is definitely an exception since he actually created the Wing Commander game series before he helmed the movie adaptation. The movie was released in 1998 and starred Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard – who would star together in the Scooby Doo movies – and only grossed $11 million on a $30 million budget.

Critics were not impressed with the cliche-ridden script and poor dialogue, while fans were less than thrilled by the Kilrathi losing their fur. Although the transition from FMV games to Hollywood blockbusters didn’t go without a hitch, Roberts was undeterred and went on to produce successful and critically lauded movies like Lord of War and Lucky Number Slevin.

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