Veterans leave BioWare as Dragon Age progress Continues

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Casey Hudson leaves BioWare once again

BioWare's general manager Casey Hudson has announced that he is leaving the company, having taken over in 2017 after Aaryn Flynn left.

BioWare's first game was mech sim Shattered Steel in 1996

Hudson worked at BioWare until he left for Microsoft in 2014, but came back just a few years later. Now it seems he is leaving for good, to “try something different,”. He’s not the only high-profile departure from BioWare either.

Veterans quitting: Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah is also “retiring” from the studio where he has worked since 1998. Gary McKay will be interim general manager, while BioWare Austin studio director Christian Dailey will take over as the executive producer on Dragon Age.

Multiple projects: Quite a few people have left BioWare in the recent years following Anthem's troubled production and Mass Effect Andromeda's poor reception by fans and critics. BioWare is currently working on a new Dragon Age, rebooting Anthem and a remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy.

What fan song can be heard in chapter two of Bendy and the Ink Machine?

a) Build Our Machine
b) Kyle Allen Music
c) Bendy and The Ink Machine: The Musical
d) Can’t Be Erased

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Exclusive evils on Sega Saturn

Resident Evil also appeared on Saturn, and actually featured some notable differences from the PlayStation version. For example, a second Tyrant bursts from a stasis chamber when you try to leave after defeating the first one Wesker released.

A few extras were thrown in for the SEGA Saturn port

The Battle Game mode also features a zombified Albert Wesker that’s a lot more durable than the still-breathing counterpart. The Hunter Alphas were replaced by a variant called Tick with a more insect-like appearance, complete with sickle-like arms.

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Ditto transforms into sofa in Japan

Depending on how look at it, it's either very cute or a little creepy, but either way you can get yourself a Ditto bead sofa so you can demonstrate your love for the transforming Pokémon by … sitting on it.

For the more hardcore of Pokemon Trainers to collect

Ditto is one of the original Pokémon, first appearing in Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow for Game Boy and can transform into any other Pokémon – or a sofa!

Sofa mimic: While Ditto serving as your couch might appear a little strange, it's a lot less sinister than the alternatives. Imagine a Pokémon or Eevee sofa. It would look a bit like the poor thing had been skinned and turned into a couch, right? On the other hand, you can get a Metapod sleeping bag, which is a bit harder to explain.

Japan only: Ditto is a sought-after breed of Pokémon since it can copy other Pokémons' abilities, and apparently also breed with any other Pokémon – including genderless ones! The Ditto bead sofa can be yours for ¥25,990 from Cellutane, but they don't ship overseas.

Call of Duty made a fortune this year

Call of Duty is back in the big leagues, earning Activision Blizzard no less than $3 billion over the last 12 months.

Warzone is a battle royale from all Call of Duty studios

The publisher's “shared ecosystem business model” for Call of Duty, which uses Call of Duty Warzone to tie together different releases in the series, seems to have worked out very well.

They Are Billions: The staggering amount of revenue is from both digital and physical sales, including license fees, merchandise and incentives. Total revenue is up by around 80%, while units sold are up 40% – over 200 million people have played Call of Duty this year.

War never changes: Call of Duty Warzone, the free-to-play battle royale, has amassed over 85 million players since release and is responsible for most of the growth. No sales data for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been published.

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What fan song can be heard in chapter two of Bendy and the Ink Machine?

ANSWER: Build Our Machine!

Trust me, all the kids love electroswing

You know people write songs about games, right? Bendy and the Ink Machine, with its creepy atmosphere and 30s cartoon aesthetics, clearly inspired people. The most popular song about the game is Build our Machine, an electro swing bop by DAGames that has racked up over 100 million views on YouTube.

The song was such a hit that it was added to the second chapter of the game, and you can find it playing on a radio. Fans wrote more songs, and one was even reconnected into the game’s first chapter. Want to hear them all? Start tracking down radios in Bendy and the Ink Machine!

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