Waiting Until 2021 For PS5, Crown Tundra in October

Today: There's a Yakuza game for every occasion, including the apocalypse — Over-eager retailers have taken more pre-orders than they have stock — Does a celebrity likeness license include tattoos?

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Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Passes

The Crown Tundra expansion passes launch on October 22nd, and brings you on an expedition into the Tundra zone.

The Crown Tundra Expansion

Starting on November 6th, Pokémon Sword & Shield will be available in a bundle with both expansions. Why not spend some time collecting special Pikachus while you're waiting? The first one sports Ash's hat and can be unlocked using the password P1KACHUGET.

Dyna to the max: Dynamax Adventures features four trainer raids, and features every legendary Pokémon from the main series so you can finally catch them all.

Tournaments: Once you've caught everything you need, you can sign up for the Galarian Star Tournament and build a team with trainers you have encountered in Pokémon Sword or Shield as well as the expansions.

Which song from Bastion won best Song in a Game in the 2011 VGAs?

a) Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)
b) A Spike in the Rail
c) Setting Sail, Coming Home
d) The Pantheon (Ain’t Gonna Catch You)

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That’s a lot of Yakuza

The Yakuza series is a household name these days, but remained pretty obscure until it arrived on PlayStation 4 in 2017. Since then, several of the older games have been re-released, but there's still a bunch of different spin-offs that never made it to Western shores.

The classic Yakuza on PS2

The best-known ones are Yakuza Dead Souls and Judgement, both of which made it to the US. Dead Souls was a zombie-themed game, while Judgement featured a whole new cast and scenario, but took place in the same universe and locations.

The spin-offs that never left Japan are a bit more obscure, and some even take place in ancient Japan. For example, Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan! follows legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi in 17th century Kyoto. There's even a Yakuza game set in the Fist of the North Star universe, which is every bit as awesome as you imagine.

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GameStop Tells Customers to wait till 2021

GameStop in Ireland has started telling customers that their pre-orders won't be fulfilled until 2021 after Sony started informing European retailers about their stock allocations for launch day.

GameStop and others announce shipping delays

ShopTo and Amazon have also started informing customers that their orders will not be fulfilled at launch on November 19th. Most retailers are encouraging customers to keep their place in the queue for the next shipment of consoles, but also allow cancelling.

Finger-pointing: Retailers are blaming Sony's low manufacturing output, but customers also wonder why retailers took so many orders without knowing if enough stock would be available.

Sony says: Sony have already apologized for the pre-order confusion, and blames COVID-19-related logistical problems for the low stock availability.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will now include EA Play

More and more companies are offering subscription services, and it's not easy to know which ones offer the best value – but Microsoft is definitely a strong contender.

Game Pass Cloud Gaming Perks

Starting on November 10th, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will include the EA Play library on both Xbox One models as well as the upcoming next-gen consoles.

No gamer left behind: PC players aren't being left out in the cold either, and Xbox Game Pass PC and Ultimate subscribers will also get access to the EA Play library starting in December.

Bethesda rising: Microsoft just acquired ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion, and their games – presumably including their MMOs – will become fixtures on Game Pass in the near future.

  • Rise Like a Dragon for PlayStation 5 out on March 2, and owners of the PlayStation 4 version of Yakuza: Like a Dragon get a free upgrade at release
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth expansion named Repentance, it's 90% done and is touted as the "sequel DLC you've always wanted"
  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered rated by Korean agency, suggesting the game will be released soon. Amazon leaked a November 13th release date earlier
  • Big patch for HADES on Switch with lots of fixes, and if your game hasn't been updated automatically you can perform a manual update by selecting the game icon, pressing the + button and selecting Software Update via the Internet
  • Take-Two going to court over tattoo infringement after tattoo artist Catherine Alexander sued the publisher since her work on Randy Orton appeared in WWE 2K games without her consent

Which song from Bastion won best Song in a Game in the 2011 VGAs?

ANSWER: Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)!

Man, this song feels different in 2020...

Supergiant Games' first title was a critical and commercial hit, and can probably thank its distinct soundtrack for part of the success. Western riffs and hiphop beats wasn't the most obvious combination in the early 2010s, and gave Bastion a distinct sound. The whole soundtrack is great, but Build That Wall stands out as one of the greats.

A simple folk tune sung by Ashley Lynn Barrett, it sees sporadic use in the game but always hits the spot when it appears. It helps illustrate the tension between different cultures, and it's no wonder it won the Best Song award at the Video Game Awards.

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