We Were Here Forever “literally inspired” by Streamers

Total Mayhem Games draws inspiration from Twitch

Total Mayhem Games are watching. We Were Here Forever, the fourth instalment of the horror series that is best-known for its asymmetrical multiplayer, is due at the back end of 2021. Studio co-founder Lucia de Visser has revealed to DailyBits that puzzle designs are “literally inspired” by watching people play and react.

“We notice that people really like the asymmetrical aspect of our games, the fact that both players contribute in their own way and that often you can’t see what the other one is doing or means and fully have to rely on the conversation you have,” said De Visser.

“And the other thing is that our puzzles are really challenging, but also very satisfying once you have figured a way to overcome them together with your partner.

We Were Here Forever is due to be released Q4 2021

“It’s because of this feedback and enthusiasm from players our design team gets the inspiration to come up with new ways to do the things you love. Some of the new challenges you face in We Were Here Forever were literally inspired by watching streams of players playing our games.”

Want to impact the design of the game? Better find your camera and some friends to play with.

You Were There: Now is a good time to catch up on the series. We Were Here, We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together are available on PC and consoles right now.

It’s Time to Rock: The series features ‘Castle Rock’, a location name that will be familiar for any Stephen King fans.

This news was featured in an interview that took place with Lucia de Visser in the most recent issue of DailyBits, which you can check out here.