Weekly Deals for Europe and US

TODAY: Check out these great gaming deals from across Europe and the US to help you have the perfect gaming weekend.

Weekly Deals Roundup

What are ya buyin’?

Amongst some absolute bargains for a selection of incredible titles, this week is filled with lots of free trials. The Elder Scrolls Online and Rainbow Six Siege are both having a long free weekend across all platforms so there’s no excuse not to give those a whirl. PlayStation 4 owners will also be happy to hear that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has an open beta scheduled until 1st September, and PS Plus members can login to claim a free copy of Firewall Zero Hour.

European Deals

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (Xbox One) £11.95 @ The Game Collection

Spider-Man (PS4) £19.99 (With Prime) @ Amazon UK

Rocket League Collector’s Edition (Nintendo Switch) £17.85 @ Base

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta (PS4) Free (30th August until September 1st) @ PlayStation Store

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (PC/Xbox One/PS4) Free (28th August until 3rd September) @ Ubi Store

Firewall Zero Hour (PS4) Free for PS Plus members (28th August until 2nd September) @ PlayStation Store

The Elder Scrolls Online (PC/Xbox One/PS4) Free (27th August until 3rd September) @ Steam

As for the games that aren’t free, we’ve got some crackers lined up all for a bargain price. Our stand-out pick for this week has to be Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, Rocket League is about to launch the Season 12 patch on the Nintendo Switch which includes a brand new Rocket Pass, a new audio mix that takes advantage of High-Dynamic Range audio and new stats that focus on players celebrating with their teammates after goals.

Whether you’ve been waiting for a good price on one of these titles, or simply want to try something a bit different this weekend without spending anything at all, we’ve got you covered.

US Deals

PC gamers will be salivating at the incredible deals we have picked out this week as the prices are absolutely bonkers. Bandai Namco have brought the biggest bargain this time with their ‘Build Your Own Bundle’ deal over at Humble Bundle, providing huge savings of 85% when you purchase five games or more. In addition to this, Epic are continuing their free game trend by giving away Celeste and Inside, two great indie games that are must plays for anyone out there who loves fun.

Celeste & Inside (PC) Free @ Epic Games Store

Dirt Rally (PC) Free @ Humble Bundle

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition (PS4) $11.99 @ PlayStation Store

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4/Xbox One) $30 (50% with code EMCTDVE22) @ Newegg

Bandai Namco Build Your Own Bundle: Buy 3 Titles for 80% off, 4 for 83% off, 5 for 85% off (PC) Various Prices @ Humble Bundle Store

GRIS (PC) $10.19 @ Steam Store

Hotline Miami (PC) $2.49 @ Steam Store

To further the awesome deals on PC this week, Devolver Digital are running a Publisher Weekend sale to mark their 10 year anniversary. The sale has offers of up to 90% off some of their titles, marking record low prices for some of the included games.

With that, we’d like to wish you a lovely weekend as we venture into September. Here’s hoping a new month means lots of great new deals!

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