Why Modders Are Angry After Nexus Policy Change

Today: Pre-orders are open for new Switch OLED model — Star Wars writer joins Onward developer for new project — Netflix’s first Resident Evil series is out now, tying together Resident Evil 5 and 6

Nexus Mods policy change sparks controversy

Nexus Mods is a bastion for PC modding

Nexus Mods has announced a major overhaul to the popular mod database, introducing a new collection system that will make it impossible to remove mods from the site.

Collections are set up by users to share bundles of mods more easily, and that means authors are no longer allowed to remove their mods from the site to prevent collections from being full of dead content.

  • Mods can no longer be deleted, only hidden
  • Collections are designed to be ready to download and play
  • If mods could be deleted, collections would become pointless
  • Community split over pros and cons of the new system
  • Authors propose opt-in to collections
  • Some users are removing their mods before new features launch

Beyond good and evil: Mod authors have mixed feelings about the upcoming changes, and some are displeased enough that they have started removing their mods from the site already. The big controverse is over Nexus Mods acting like they own rather than host the mods.

One-click modding: The big idea behind the new system is to make it easier and less time-consuming for the average player to enjoy mods, by enabling curators to create packages of mods that facilitate particular experiences. The big question is whether ease of use should come at the expense of author's ownership of their mods.

What was the name of Deadline Games’ cancelled co-op shooter?

a) Agent 
b) Faith and a .45
c) This is Vegas 
d) Lead and Gold

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Nintendo Switch OLED US/UK pre-orders

Pre-orders are starting to go live globally

You still have some time to save up for the fancy new Switch OLED since it won't be out until October, but a number of retailers have already opened pre-orders so you can secure your unit early.

Pre-orders went live in the US and UK the day after Nintendo announced the new model, and more are likely to follow in the near future.

Pre-order in the UK (£309.99)

Pre-order in the US($349.99)

Silent Hill developers return to horror

Keiichiro Toyama wrote and directed Silent Hill

Keiichiro Toyama, Kazunobu Sato and Junya Okura were formerly part of PlayStation's Japan Studio which was just shut down, and they have founded a new studio called Bokeh Game Studios.

The veteran developers have been central to series like Silent Hill, Siren, The Last Guardian and Gravity Rush and are now pursuing new opportunities with am independent studio.

Horror show: Their first project is a horror game, a genre all three are intimately familiar with. Still, Toyama is cognizant that times have changes and that there is a new generation of horror games now.

Indie scares: “It's a great opportunity for young people to come in and emerge as new talents," he said. Since horror is less popular with big publishers but still in high demand, it presents indie studios with an ooportunity to fill the gap. He refused to comment on a possible Silent Hill revivel, however.

Halfbrick’s teases Fruit Ninja VR 2

Fruit Ninja VR 2 is in development at Halfbrick Studios, with a release planned in late 2021. The first playtest trailer shows off the series' signature fruit-smashing action, and reveals that the traditional slicing and dicing will be complemented by a spot of archery.

Blair Witch: Oculus Rift Edition out now

Bloober Team's spooky foray into the woods is coming to VR as Blair Witch: Oculus Rift Edition. Prepare to stumble around in the dark woods with your loyal canine friend as you search for a missing boy.

Star Wars writer joins Downpour

Onward developer Downpour Interactive was recently acquired by Facebook, and they are hiring for a new project currently in the works. One noteworthy new recruit is Mitch Dyer, who worked on the Star Wars Battlefront II campaign, which suggests the next project will be heavier on the storytelling. Perhaps Onward 2 has a more involved story?

We’ve got 5 Switch codes for Foodtruck Arena to give out this week

Foodtruck Arena is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch

Foodtruck Arena is out now on Switch and Steam, mixing sports and food in unexpected ways – think Rocket League but with a tomato. Play dastardly tricks on your opponents to win, and enter into our giveaway to enjoy the game for free.

"Take part in an unforgettable tournament, battle against formidable opponents, discover new recipes, and finally, climb to the top of the culinary world"

What was the name of Deadline Games’ cancelled co-op shooter?

Nothin' more romantic than gunfire

ANSWER: Faith and a .45!

Few things are as heartbreaking as discovering that an eagerly anticipated game was cancelled. Deadline Games, the team behind Total Overdose, certainly broke a few hearts when Faith and a .45 went up in smoke when the studio shut down. It was not just a co-op shooter, but a co-op romance following a pair of outlaws trying to make their fortune during the Great Depression.

The game's signature move was reviving your downed partner with a kiss, but Deadline couldn't find a publisher willing to give love a chance. 

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