Xbox Series Pre-orders Open, Mass Effect Dropping Switch?

Today: It’s nearly 20 years since Microsoft entered the console wars
— Rumours claim Activision’s servers have been breached by hackers
— Everything you need to know about pre-ordering a next-gen Xbox

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X pre-orders open today

Rocket League x Fortnite crossover

Rocket League is now free-to-play, and Epic is celebrating with a Fortnite crossover event called Llama Rama.

Llama Rama! Crossover event

You can earn in-game rewards and items for both games, and will feature a performance from Rocket League favorite DJ Slushii who will close the Party Royale concert with his hit track “LUV U NEED U”.

Party in the Park: DJ Slushii will will hit the decks on Saturday September 26th at 5PM EST, with reruns on the 26th at 11PM EST and on the 27th at 1PM EST.

Grab Bags: You can earn Fortnite-themed items by completing challenges in Rocket League, and also earn Rocket League-themed loot in Fortnite.

Which Capcom classic appears in the novel Ready Player One?

a) Black Tiger
b) 1942
c) Street Fighter 3
d) Gun.Smoke

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today’s issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

A brief history of Microsoft’s Xbox

2001 was a great year for gaming. Sony’s PlayStation 2 was ushering in a new era, while Microsoft was making waves with their new Xbox. Microsoft’s goal was to make game development more accessible by making consoles more like PCs.

The Xbox was released in November of 2001 at $299.99, and managed to secure a foothold thanks to Halo‘s success and a price drop to $199.99.

Innovations like Xbox Live also helped the console, but the platform also suffered from widespread piracy since the console was relatively easy to mod. It was followed by Xbox 360 in 2005, making it one of the most short-lived consoles in gaming history.

There's also a special Halo themed Xbox

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Has Call of Duty been hacked?

Reports claim Activision has suffered a major data breach, but Activision denies that any user data has been compromised.

Activision Deny Account Hack

Prototype Warehouse claims to have “seen solid proof” in the form of email addresses and passwords, but are refusing to share these to protect the affected users. Rumours claim that the attack is on-going, and that Activision’s servers are yielding data from approximately 1,000 accounts every 10 minutes.

The Damage: Compromised accounts are allegedly having their passwords changed, service connections broken and progress erased. It is likely that the attackers are trying to get hold of payment details.

Ongoing: Since the attack appears to be on-going, changing your password may not be enough to protect your account and Activision does not support two-factor authentication. Changing your password might still be a good idea, especially if you use the same email address and password combination on other services.

Xbox Series S and X Pre-order Guide

Preorders are open for Xbox Series X and S, retailing at £449.99 and £249.99 respectively. The Series X targets high-end 4K gaming and replaces the Xbox One X, while the Series S targets 1440p and replaces the entry-level Xbox One S.

Xbox All Access Contract

You can also sign up for Xbox All Access, a 24-month payment plan that includes a console and a subscription to Xbox Game Pass ultimate. Xbox All Access is available from retailers marked with an asterisk in the list below.

Most retailers have already run out of Xbox Series X stock, while the Xbox Series S is still available. It seems likely that more stock will become available soon, and we will do our best to keep you informed about it.

UK (Series X £449 / Series S £249)

Amazon (Series X) (sold out) / Amazon (Series S)

Microsoft Store (Series X) / Microsoft Store (Series S) (Sold Out)

Argos (Series X) (Sold Out) / Argos (Series S)

Smyths* (Series X) (Sold Out) / Smyths* (Series S)

AO (Series X) / AO (Series S) (sold out)

Game* (Series X) (Sold Out) / Game* (Series S)

Currys PC World (Series X) / Currys PC World (Series S) (sold out)

US (Series X $499 / Series S $299)

Amazon (Series X) / Amazon (Series S)

Microsoft Store* (Series X) / Microsoft Store* (Series S)

Best Buy* (Series X) / Best Buy* (Series S)

Walmart* (Series X) / Walmart* (Series S)

Target* (Series X) / Target* (Series S)

GameStop* (Series X) / GameStop* (Series S)

  • Capcom Tokyo Game Show Live showcase on 26th and 27th of September and will show off Street Fighter V, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 8.
  • John Carmack wants to tinker with his old games and hopes Microsoft might let him do that now that they own id Software
  • Microsoft announces new Xbox Series X and S accessories including new controllers also tailored for PC, using bluetooth and USB-C for connectivity
  • Don’t expect any FIFA 21 demo ahead of release since the development team is busy making sure the full game is great
  • EA is preparing a remastered Mass Effect Trilogy, but not for Switch according to the last shareholder meeting. EA announced 7 Switch games at the Play Live event, but not Mass Effect.

Which Capcom classic appears in the novel Ready Player One?

ANSWER: Black Tiger! (Black Dragon in Japan!)

Your knowledge of 80s gaming will save the world!

For better or worse, Ready Player One is a story about pop culture nostalgia and even includes a chapter about the classic Capcom side-scroller Black Tiger.

The hero, Wade, has to use a jade key to enter a VR recreation of Black Tiger where he can unlock another clue to help him earn the Hunt’s grand prize.

Author Ernest Cline said that Black Tiger is one of his favorite arcade games, so it makes sense that it plays a significant role in his novel. The Black Tiger chapter was not part of the 2018 movie adaptation, so don’t hold your breath for any sudden Black Tiger remake or re-release.

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