Xbox Series Storage and Speed, Pokemon Go’s Best Year

Today: Niantic posts record revenues despite COVID-19 lockdown — Dontnod opens a second studio in Montreal, has several projects in development — Capcom appears to have suffered a network breach

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364GB of usable space on Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S will only have 364GB of usable storage according to a Reddit user who received a console early.

Xbox Series S is cheaper and doesn’t include a disc drive

Of the 512GB on the Xbox Series S SSD, about 148GB is reserved for the operating system, leaving 364GB for the user. That might not sound like a lot, but it is possible that Xbox Series S versions of games take less space as there's no need for 4K textures since the machine's native resolution is 1440p.

Load times: Videos that show The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running on Xbox Series X have appeared, and the results are pretty impressive: Loading times are reduced to a matter of seconds and that's without any next-gen optimizations.

Two Capcom games have been adapted into musicals: Sengoku Basara and…?

a) Ace Attorney
b) Mega Man
c) Resident Evil
d) Monster Hunter

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Brazil kept racing alive on Nintendo 64

F1 Racing Championship was an ambitious project: Every track was modelled from GPS data and 360 degree video for maximum realism.

Brazilian beaches, waxes, carnivals and F1 Racing Championships

F1 Racing Championship for Nintendo 64 was primarily marketed in Europe, and the NTSC version never made it to the United States – but was released in Brazil. The limited distribution means that the NTSC version is pretty rare and sought after by collectors.

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Pokémon Go survived COVID-19

Niantic has had a great year despite lockdowns: Pokémon Go has already made over $1 billion.

Pokemon GO has become a financial titan for the series

The location-based augmented reality game has managed to stay popular since it launched in July 2016. Pokémon Go made $832 million in its first year, dropped to $589 million the next, rose to $828 million in 2018 and $902 million last year for a total of $4.2 billion since launch.

Spending spree: According to Sensor Tower, revenue is up 11% from last year, and there's still two months to go.

Remote play: COVID-19 lockdown restrictions could have hurt Pokémon Go, which depends on the player walking and visiting particular locations, but Niantic introduced new features such as remote raiding and the Remote Raid Pass, which allows players to enjoy the game without leaving their homes.

Dontnod expands with Montreal studio

Dontnod Entertainment is opening a new studio in Montreal, and will self-publish the upcoming Twin Mirror, scheduled for launch on December 1st.

Investigative journalist Sam is on the case in Twin Mirror

The French developer made its mark with the episodic narrative adventure Life Is Strange and its sequel. They just finished Tell Me Why, which was published by Microsoft this summer.

Growth spurt: “Our studio is growing, with six games in production now,” said CEO Oskar Guilbert. “Our recent releases have been very successful in terms of press reception and player reception. I’m very proud.”

Diverse portfolio: “It’s important for us not to have all our eggs in one basket,” added Guilbert, explaining why they are branching into publishing. Dontnod has several projects underway and is carrying the torch for adventure games after Telltale went out of business in 2018.

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Two Capcom games have been adapted into musicals: Sengoku Basara and…?

ANSWER: Ace Attorney!

I always thought Phoenix Wright needed more singing and dancing

Takarazuka Revue is an all-female theater troupe famous for their eclectic range of adaptations, including the Hollywood classic Gone With the Wind and the manga The Rose of Versailles. They have even adapted some videogames, most notably the Ace Attorney series!

Three Ace Attorney musicals have been staged, the first two starring Phoenix Wright and the last starring Miles Edgeworth. While they never made it to Western shores, you can find fan subs if you’re willing to don a hook and peg leg. They will probably never make it to Broadway, but maybe there’s hope for a Dark Souls musical?

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