Xbox’s Best Launch, FIFA Spending Limit

Today: EA does not want to remove loot boxes from FIFA 21 — Intrepid fans are already hacking Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros — The Brotherhood of Steel is getting ready to march on Appalachia

Microsoft’s best console launch yet

The next-generation Xbox Series X and S finally launched on Tuesday, and became Microsoft’s most successful console launch to date.

Xbox Series X and S are here and ready to play

"Thank you for supporting the largest launch in Xbox history," said Phil Spencer. He added that Microsoft is "working with retail to resupply as quickly as possible”, so it will probably be possible to find a console before Christmas.

Best launch: The Xbox Series X and S consoles launched simultaneously in more territories than ever before, and sold more units put together than any previous Xbox console did at launch. "The primary outcome of all the work that we do is how many players we see, and how often they play," said Spencer. "That is what drives Xbox.”

Player count: Microsoft claims to care more about player count than raw hardware sales. "We publicly disclose player numbers. That's the thing I want us to be driven by, not how many individual pieces of plastic did we sell,” Spencer explained.

Which staple of British pop culture can you encounter in Fallout 1?

a) Coronation Street
b) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
d) Sherlock Holmes himself

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More family-friendly human sacrifice

Bandai Namco’s Tales of Berseria opens with a rather dramatic scene where a character is sacrificed in a ritual. In the Japanese version of the game, the unfortunate victim is impaled on a sword by the villain.

Swapping swords for supernatural murder

The Western release toned down the brutality a bit, turning the ceremony into a more mystical affair where the victim is levitated and then killed by some kind of supernatural force. Much less sinister!

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New parental controls for FIFA 21

EA has been under fire from a number of national regulatory bodies and campaign groups who consider EA’s monetization strategies to be little more than gambling. As a result, EA has added optional spending limits to FIFA 21.

Ultimate Team doesn’t carry over to new FIFA releases

The controversy is centered on the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, and while EA refuses to change or remove the game mode, they are adding “a new suite of tools” that inform players about their spending habits.

Parent tools: FIFA Playtime allows parents to take control of how much time and money their children spend on FIFA 21. The tools let you impose a limit on how much money can be spent on FIFA Ultimate Team packs. The limits will not affect packs awarded via regular play.

All or nothing: Most countries still don’t regulate loot boxes, but the mood seems to be shifting as game companies push the boundaries between gambling and purchases. As a result, companies have started revealing the probabilities of getting different items in packs.

Game & Watch teardown appears online

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. orders have started shipping, and that means curious customers with screwdrivers have started digging into the hardware.

Sometimes you’ve got to break things to make things

@ghidraninja has opened one up, and started figuring out exactly what kind of hardware is driving the handheld – and what security measures protect it from prying eyes.

Super Hack Bros. The device is powered by an STM32H7B0VBT6 chipset with an ARM Cortex-M7, 128 KBytes of Flash and 1024 KBytes of RAM – more than enough to play Super Mario Bros. and The Lost Levels. You can buy it from Nintendo Official UK Store for £44.99.

Jailbreak ahoy: While the firmware features some security features that prevent the device from being tampered with, it appears that NES ROMs are copied from Flash memory into RAM, so it could be possible to get other ROMs to work as well.

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Which staple of British pop culture can you encounter in Fallout 1?


Wait, take me with you! It sucks here!

The two first Fallout games were jam-packed with secrets and Easter eggs, including many special encounters featuring pop culture references. For example, you can find the remains of a whale scattered around a broken pot of daisies – a reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

In the first Fallout, you can even encounter the TARDIS. It’s described as a police box, but it’s pretty clearly more than that. If you step too close, its lights will begin flashing before it vanishes. Fallout might deal with some serious themes, but at heart it’s a pretty silly and fun game.

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